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Review | A$AP Ferg - Floor Seats

A$AP Ferg’s Floor Seats is a short collection of energetic Harlem street bangers with features from A$AP Rocky, Ty Dolla $ign and more big names.

Mob member A$AP Ferg has spent 2019 featuring on projects from Mustard, Maxo Kream and E-40; and since May, has been releasing singles for his latest project. With Floor Seats, Ferg once again produces a packed line-up of features and continues his mentality to strive to sound as hungry as ever.

The title track samples The Prodigy’s “Smack My B*tch Up”, with Ferg delivering impressive verses over the explosive and bass-heavy song, however the distorted screaming in the chorus truly sticks out of place and makes it hard to warm to the whole song. “Jet Lag” places a large emphasis on his ad-lib game, which holds up in the likeable chorus but doesn’t work as successfully in the verses. No different to the rest of his discography, he brags about his superstar lifestyle throughout the project and its always entertaining to hear it from Ferg, as he highlights his knowledge in fashion and Harlem culture. While it is something that the Harlem native has proved before, it should still be acknowledged that “Wam” shows a strong sense of confidence in both the instrumental and vocal performance. MadeinTYO fits perfectly, though another additional feature or one fewer chorus would have served the song better. “Wigs” shares a similar problem and tends to drag on, but even if it was shorter still wouldn’t contribute much to the EP. The Stranger Things-esque beat of “Butt Naked” features some hilariously New York lines from Ferg including, “I put your face on my Timberlands” and while he does well on this track, the style caters heavily to Rico Nasty with her feature really being the highlight.

“Pups” is a nostalgic New York track that demonstrates the strong chemistry between the two A$AP Mob leaders and pays homage to DMX’s “Get At Me Dog”. Although recorded and released prior to A$AP Rocky’s detainment, the line “Gone for a minute, now I’m back, did you miss me?” hits a completely new way. The chorus is refreshingly one of the shortest here, and their back and forth is reminiscent of the infamous freestyle on Funk Flex. The last three tracks head a slightly different direction, with the Timbaland-produced “Hummer Limo”, where he implements a clear Young Thug influence but doesn’t let it outshine his own personality. Ty Dolla $ign and A$AP Ferg link up to slow the EP down with “Ride”, a track that has been criticised online for Ferg’s singing attempts, but that honestly deserves more credit. Though it’s not quite up to par with Ty Dolla’s, A$AP Ferg is similar to a D.R.A.M, almost Trippie Redd, type of vocal presence. Lastly, “Dreams, Fairytales, Fantasies” is a love letter to 1990’s R&B and Hip-Hop with vocal help from Brent Faiyaz. When starting to listen to the project, it’s definitely not where you think it would end but that’s by no means a complaint. Faiyaz delivers smoothly on both his chorus and verse and Ferg’s voice and romantic lyrics fondly remind me of Biggie’s “Me & My B*tch”.

The East Coast rapper’s latest EP Floor Seats is an assortment of hits with great production work, but little indication of having the same effect as previous songs like “Plain Jane” and “Shabba”. The feature list often outshines Ferg even at times when the featured artists are mediocre themselves -however A$AP Ferg still brings some worthy and satisfying tracks, as he always proudly represents New York through his lyrics, choice of beats and overall personality.

Best song: Pups

Worst song: Wigs


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