• Frank Tremain

Review | Blueface - Dirt Bag

The 2019 XXL freshman Blueface releases Dirt Bag EP, a finishing blow of conviction that the West Coast rapper is truly a one-trick pony.

The Californian rapper found quick success last year through his hit single “Thotiana”, that exposed the internet to the off-beat, Crip-walking and always comical Blueface. The Dirt Bag EP consists of 8 uninspired songs, 4 of which have already been previously released.

The 21-minute long project begins with the awkwardly minimalistic, bass-heavy title track “Dirt Bag” where Blueface either delivers the most unimaginative lines like “Gotta keep a thang by my thang thang” and “Put a hole in his cap like a snapback” or it seems like he forgets his lyrics and just exclaims “Gang.” “Bussdown” heads in a better direction largely due to the feature verse from Offset who, though can have undeniable moments of blandness, is an almost essential feature artist in a modern rap album. “Disrespectful” touches on his recent controversy where he kicked his mother and sister out of his house. Though it was more or less expected to hear reference to the situation on this EP, it fits really weirdly in the same song that he says “All I got is dick and bubblegum.” Five of the songs on Dirt Bag are under three minutes, and though it’s clear Blueface is looking to capitalise on a similar catchiness as his other hits, it makes it hard to listen to a two-and-a-half-minute song that repeats the chorus three times. Not even the B2K reference could save this one.

“Daddy”, featuring Rich the Kid, is like a guilty pleasure - it’s an obvious replicate of “Thotiana” but the chorus is catchy and Blueface’s verses are hilarious. Not much can be said about Rich the Kid’s verse but regardless, its admittedly entertaining. Whether it be Scott Storch’s production and Lil Pump’s feature, “Bussin” comes with much more energy, although, it’s still creatively just as short-sighted as the rest of the EP. The Game and Mozzy provide boastful verses in their features on the remix of “Stop Cappin” and “Gang” respectively. Although it’s painful enough having Blueface predictably bring nothing new to his discography in each song, it’s even more painful to hear him try to in “Gang”. Unlike a lot of his contemporaries, Blueface is not known for his use of autotune and nor should he be. Arguably one of his best hits, Blueface cleverly closed the EP out with the explosive “Bleed It”, though not even the last taste left on our palette can forgive the near-intolerable project that is Dirt Bag.

Blueface proudly and, most of the time, aimlessly represents his Crip background through overused West Coast instrumentals and, though occasionally humorous, valueless lyrical content. Dirt Bag is grossly coherent, and it’s not a good thing. However, it’s fairly apparent that Blueface is chasing quick and easy money off the success of his previous hits, as summed up in his XXL 2019 Freshman Cypher freestyle: “I get paid the most, just to do the least.” While his unconventional rapping proves itself in some cases, it’s likely we’ve already seen Blueface at his peak.

Best song: Bussdown

Worst song: Gang


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