• Eject Staff

Review | Bob Dylan – Triplicate

Despite this being his 38th studio album, this 30-song record shows Dylan at his best form since Modern Times.

Featuring pocket-sized arrangements and voice that fills the album with character and poise, this album reminds us why Dylan is known for his distinct voice, and why the songs don’t need to be written by him (although it would be nice).

A majority of the songs on the album such as ‘Stardust’ and ‘These Foolish Things’ were made far before Dylan was Bob, back when he was still Robert Zimmerman in Minnesota, yet he manages to capture the essence that few and far between have done so before him.

When the idea of Dylan recording Sinatra’s covers first came into the public eye in 2014, when Shadows In The Night was first announced, it seemed slightly far-fetched. Sinatra’s covers have been known to showcase one’s voice, and fans were left wondering if Dylan really had that much voice left to be creating anything of the sort. But Dylan proved everyone wrong and managed at 72 years of age to produce such an album.

Dylan uses nothing but a quintet in Triplicate, which leaves all the magic down to his voice. He shows a tenderness and respect for the Great American Songbook which shows significantly throughout the album and leaves us wondering what great music Dylan would be able to achieve if he began composing his own music once again.


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