• Frank Tremain

Review | Lil Tecca - We Love You Tecca

We Love You Tecca is a make-or-break moment for the artist’s emerging career, showing promise and appeal that shines occasionally but more often than not is clouded with repetitiveness and a lack of experimentation.

In an age where newly established artists are known for their social media antics or outrageous looks, the skinny and brace-faced Lil Tecca was an unexpected breakout artist for 2019. Tecca found significant recognition with his breakout single “Ransom”, followed up by “Did It Again” and “Bossanova” where the influence of artists like Juice WRLD and A Boogie Wit da Hoodie become clear. Across 17 tracks, Lil Tecca’s debut album is enjoyable and comfortably energetic but quickly becomes monotonous, raising the question that has been debated for a lot of new artists, is it objectively good or just good enough?

The album is placed between the opening track “Ransom” and its remix with Juice WRLD as the closing track. The original sets the tone for the project with a tropical Trap feel, although the remix doesn’t provide anything new and Juice WRLD’s verse can nearly go unnoticed. “Shots”, “Sidenote” and “Did It Again” continue strong and highlight Tecca’s commendable ability to create melodies. Though I enjoy his very laid-back approach in delivery, it can be of his own detriment - evident in cuts like “Bossanova”, and his attempt to produce a quicker-paced verse in “Sidenote” that makes even the listener feel out of breath and exhausted. That being said, it matches the mood in “Did It Again” and gives off a ‘don’t care’ personality.

While Tecca slightly switches his sound on "Count Me Out" and slowing it down on "DUI", he rarely experiments with his sound. Tecca closely follows the formulaic melodic recipe for success that has proved to work for him in the past. If you sat someone down, it's safe to say they would find it difficult to decipher songs like "Amigo", "Weatherman" and "Senorita" apart. It's a thin line between a consistent overall sound, and dull repetition but still, there's no denying the catchiness and entertainment that can come from "Love Me" and "Out Of Luck". However, there's only so long before generic piano beats grow old and an artist needs to show more diversity and experimentation. With only one feature in the whole project, it would have been nice to have seen more, just for the sake of breaking the album up, but nevertheless it's applause-worthy to see him tackle his debut album on his own.

Perhaps if We Love You Lil Tecca was shorter, with a few more features thrown in and some more experimentation, Lil Tecca's debut album could've been an undeniable success. He shows a skill for melodic rap and confidence for the Trap persona but more is needed for his longevity. As a project, it's acceptable and good enough to match most new rappers' debuts - however, that doesn't translate to it being genuinely good.

Best song: Ransom, Did It Again

Worst song: Senorita


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